Infrastructure drives growth around the world and it is heavy industry that is relied upon to make it happen. Efficiency and reliability are essential pieces to the puzzle that help meet the ever-changing demands of cities and manufacturing sites around the globe. Oilgear has proven that it can help meet those needs, regardless of the application or environment.


We’re known for designing, installing and commissioning complex hydraulic control systems. In fact, Oilgear is a world leader in it. We work with a variety of industries, including forging, extrusion, wood and sheet molded composites. And our electrical and hydraulic engineers work side by side to deliver the precision control and user interface you require.


Since pioneering hydraulic press drives in the 1920s, Oilgear has gained a wealth of hydraulic and electronic control expertise. We’ve serviced diverse needs from a variety of press builders and users across the world.

Thoroughly tested by time, Oilgear variable-displacement pumps or Towler high-pressure, fixed-displacement pumps give you state-of-the-art system control. That means open and closed die press operators can enjoy increased productivity, reduced downtime and energy-efficient plant operation.

Oilgear has installed more than 1,500 hydraulic systems in forging, extrusion, sheet molded composites and board presses operations for the wood products industry. Our electronic systems are well represented too, with well over 400 systems installed.


Forging systems are one of our specialties. We’ve worked on the largest presses in the world for decades. We’re confident we’ll provide you with the best equipment available.

Oilgear hydraulic forging systems feature both fixed-displacement and variable-displacement pumps. They also include specially developed, large capacity sinusoidal servo controlled “Fast Forge” valve assembly.

Oilgear offers the preferred fast-forging system—a press top-mounted, fast-forge valve manifold with atmospheric prefilling tank. This design offers optimum performance due to the minimal oil volume required to be compressed and decompressed each stroke.

Oilgear also offers an option to mount the fast-forge valve system at floor level, or subfloor level in combination with an air-loaded prefilling tank. This system is mainly used for pull-down or inverted presses, although it can also be used for push-down presses.


Oilgear is one of few companies that provide a complete line of service for any extrusion application. We pioneered advancements for every part of your press: manifolds, die changing, manipulator arms, billet loaders, distributed manifolds, shears and complete control systems. These custom-engineered solutions increase efficiency—while simultaneously reducing downtime.

Whether your extrusion operation has a relay logic system, a complete electronic system or a mix of technologies, we have the ability to interface with it. And with Oilgear, you can even improve the function of your machine.

The S-Curve Ultra Speed Billet Loader is a replacement for the traditional solenoid valve with flow controls setup. It has an average time savings of 1.2 seconds per installation for the extend/retract cycle.


Oilgear SMC systems are used to produce everything from door skins and shower enclosures to body panels for jet skis and automobiles.

We have the product you need. Our hydraulic equipment includes pumps, valves, manifolds and complete systems. We have electronic controls for retrofit projects or as complete assembled systems. These include the main control enclosure, motor control center, pushbutton stations and an operator station.

Auxiliary equipment such as cams, cores, ejectors, part-handling equipment, die shuttle tables, or other secondary operations can be incorporated into the press system. Multi-zone die temperature monitoring and control can also be included.


Oilgear provides electronic controls and hydraulic systems to create high-performing board press plants for the production of oriented strand board (OSB), particle board, medium density fiber board (MDF) and plywood.

You’re always working to upgrade your operations with improved performance or reliability. Our technical specialists will evaluate your current loader and press systems—using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment—to help you decrease cycle time, eliminate shock and increase productive uptime. We can also help you develop preventive maintenance programs to ensure optimum machine performance.

Oilgear offers several system upgrades for those in the wood products industry, from custom applications and simple AC to DC conversions, up to full plant-wide integration systems


Oilgear has built a reputation on superior engineering and unbeatable reliability. As a result, our modular and integrated manifold systems are used worldwide for a wide variety of applications.


With our understanding of manifold design and manufacturing, we’ve been able to innovate essential advantages for our systems—like reduced size, weight and cost. Known for their quality and reliability, Oilgear systems provide a clean, leak-free solution for your most challenging control system problems. Our systems use the latest available software modeling techniques. That means you can trust your manifold will exceed your expectations.

We have manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and China, so we can supply manifolds anywhere in the world. We provide a range of sizes from small single-function units to manifolds weighing up to 50 tons. All manifolds are assembled and tested in Oilgear facilities.

All manifold sizes are available in pressure ranges from 500 psi (35 bar) to 15,000 psi (1000 bar).


The Oilgear manifold is a hydraulic component. It regulates the fluid flow between pumps, actuators and other system components. It allows the operator to control the quantity of fluid flows between components of hydraulic machines—much like a switchboard in an electrical circuit.

Our modular and integrated manifolds simplify maintenance and reduce fluid leakage. Modular-type manifolds can be mounted horizontally or vertically to meet circuit needs.

Oilgear makes manifold blocks for high-powered, large industrial applications. These can weigh more than 40 tons and can handle water or mineral oil. Oilgear also creates compact manifolds for ROVs, subsea and offshore applications. These can be made out of stainless steel, aluminum or titanium.

For more demanding applications, our high-strength, steel-integrated manifolds can withstand extreme operation pressure and allow higher throughput rates with minimal pressure drops.

With years of design and manufacturing experience under our belts, we’ve created many advantages for our manifolds—including reduced size, weight and cost. Our high-quality systems provide cleaner, leak-free and more reliable solutions to our customers’ most challenging control system problems.


We’re pleased to offer the following signature, engineered solutions to our customers:

Towler GPF Special High-Pressure Flanges

Includes sealing to minimize leaks and pipe removal.

Tentec Nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give a rapid, accurate and uniform bolt load to any bolted joint.

The Tentec Nut offers a method of bolt tensioning multi-bolt applications, which greatly improves the integrity of the joint.

Tentec tensioning and detensioning shows an extraordinary time savings over conventional detachable bolt tensioning systems. An existing user of Tentec Nuts has recently reported a time savings of 1,750% over their old bolt tensioning system.

“Superspeed” Servo-Controlled Manifolds

Incorporates Oilgear Towler high-pressure seal assembly with pretensioning nuts.

Proven leak-free operation.

High-flow, servo-controlled manifolds.

Designed with in-house technology and Oilgear Towler’s specially developed manifold design software.

Auxiliary Control Manifolds

Billet loading

Die magazine

Die changing

Pop-up turntable and rotate


Breydon Bridge Bascule moving bridge on the A47, Great Yarmouth, UK. (upgrade)


Bridge had been out of operation for several months due to an obsolete 1980’s VME control system. Oilgear were asked to complete the design and commissioning of a new control within 6 weeks during Covid-19 lockdown.


FULL Remote Commissioning
Whilst the timing was a challenge alone, just as Oilgear were ready to install the equipment and commission the bridge the government announced a nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Not wanting to let Peel Ports and the local community down by waiting out the lockdown, Oilgear engineers installed remote connection devices enabling them to complete the commissioning and tuning of the bridge from our offices in Leeds (200 miles away) successfully completing the project within the originally promised 6-week lead time.


Water dam on the Seine at Chatou France


The Chatou run-of-river dam is primarily a hydraulic structure on the Seine River. However, it was designed to look more like a bridge.
The project needed to involve careful attention not only to its complex technical functions, but also to its perfect architectural, environmental and landscape integration in a particularly sensitive context.


3 gates ( 6 cylinders, 695 Tons backwater pressure per cylinder).
Supply and whole motorization of the dam:
Hydraulic (power and piping),
Controls (electrical power, cabling and PLC with levels control, and supervision).


Hydraulic system and electrical controls for Erasmus Bascule Bridge, Netherlands.


Hollands Largest bridge. 802-metre-long across the New Meuse was completed in 1996. The cable-stayed bridge section has a single 139-metre-high (456 ft) asymmetrical pale blue pylon with a prominent horizontal base. The southernmost span of the bridge has an 89-metre-long (292 ft) bascule bridge for ships that cannot pass under the bridge. The bascule bridge is the largest and heaviest in Western Europe and has the largest panel of its type in the world.


The Erasmus Bridge is the result of an unusual design process in which architects and engineers interacted as equals. In the end this resulted in a bridge that evidences a full commitment to both technical and aesthetic standards
The bridge featured in the 1998 Jackie Chan film Who Am I?. In 2005, several planes flew underneath the bridge as part of the "Red Bull Air Race". The bridge is also part of The World Port Days in Rotterdam.


Hydraulic drive and electrical control for the Burke Brise Soleil Milwaukee Art Museum Active Shade


Provide a practical function to aid the internal climate control inside the new active shade structure. Gracefully control the movable sunshade, which consists of a pair of wing-like structures, each made up of 36 steel ribs ranging in length from 24 to 105 ft.


High speed response and control of the huge sunshade surface area through a variety of external factors, such as very high forces when wind speed picks up and other extreme weather events.

Protect the sunshade and building structure at all times by ensuring controlled operation even if hydraulic or electrical power is lost.

Steam Turbine Control, Hydraulic Power Unit

The HPU is used to supply hydraulic fluid (Triaryl phosphate ester) at 2000 psig to the steam turbine electro-hydraulic control system and the steam valve hydraulic actuators.

Piston Accumulators are used to store and release fluid into the system to save energy.

Oilgear Steam turbine control systems are designed with today’s latest SMART technology to operate a turbine in a safe and reliable manner

To protect the turbine load, Oilgear high-response pump controls, provide stable loading without pressure ‘hunting’. Oilgear pumps and HPU’s Integrate the main load control function of the steam flow demand providing position control for the associated servo valve actuators with logic signals derived from the load control system to indicate operating conditions, such as power load balance.

Steam Turbine Control, Hydraulic Power Unit

Two (2) redundant, full capacity, pressure compensated, variable displacement pumps and motors.
Hydraulic fluid pump discharge filters, absolute Beta3 (â3) >= 200 non-bypassing with differential pressure switch.
Accumulators - Piston type (Quantity as specified on ordering drawing).

Two (2) heating and cooling circuits consisting of :
Air to fluid cooler with fan motor
Circulating pump and motor
Relief valve (to increase pressure when in heating mode)
Diverter Valve (to air cooler (cooling) or relief valve(heating)).

Transfer and auxiliary filter system (TAFS) consisting of :

Transfer pump

Selexsorb GT filter

Polishing filter, absolute Beta1(â1) >= 200

Distribution manifold

Main distribution and drain manifolds

Pressure, level and temperature devices & Gages

Frame and fluid reservoir

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

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