Submarine & Defence Systems
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Weapons Handling and Discharge Systems

Oilgear have designed, developed and manufactured Weapons Handling & Discharge System control manifolds and valves over several different platforms. Oilgear equipment can be found on UK, Canadian, Australian, Spanish and South Korean submarines, with current projects running on the UK Dreadnought Class Boat.

Oilgear work closely with the design authority for these hydraulic control systems on all classes of submarines, designing new concepts for the control manifolds and valves, considering all aspects of the requirements including the calculations required for shock load analysis.

Launch Systems

Oilgear also supply equipment that supports the Launch Systems, providing equipment that works in conjunction with the modern Air Turbine Pump based systems on the UK Astute Submarines, for the Spanish S-80 and the South Korean Jangbogo III classes.

Oilgear have also supplied Launch Systems equipment on the Collins Class in Australia, the Victoria Class in Canada and supported with spares on the Royal Navy Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard Class Boats.

The Programmable Firing Valve is a critical piece of equipment that the Oilgear Team have supplied and developed in conjunction with the design authority.

Winch & Windlass

High Response, Rugged, Durable Open loop, Axial Piston Pumps for Demanding High Performance Applications Operating in the Harshest of Environments.
Large Control Selection
Controls Readily Interchanged
Proven Rotating Group Design
Rugged Cylinder Design
Hardened Cylinder on Hardened Valve Plate
Cylinder Mounted in Polymerous Journal Bearing
Swashblock Mounted in Polymerous Saddle Bearing
Lubricated Swashblock
Steel Piston Shoes on Hardened Surface
Quite Valve Plate
Sealed Front Bearings
High Pressure Relief Valve Available

Testing Oilgear Pumps on Seawater

Oilgear has demonstrated that in emergency conditions our pumps can run on 100% seawater or a seawater mix to provide a controlled shutdown of the equipment, without instantaneous failure, which further highlights the strengths and capabilities of Oilgear pumps.

To showcase the capabilities of Oilgear’s unique ‘Hard-on-Hard’ and Hydrodynamic bearing technology, we performed a test to validate how a standard Oilgear mineral oil pump would perform under a worst-case scenario situation with a breach of seawater into the HPU oil reservoir. The result of this test clearly demonstrated that a controlled shutdown of the system could be accomplished using a standard Oilgear pump
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