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Safety, longevity and reliability are paramount in every environment where oil and gas applications are utilized. Your job is already challenging enough, and Oilgear is a proven problem-solver, regardless of your application. We welcome any challenge and are ready to prove that we are your provider for the jobs that no one else is willing to take on.
Continuous Improvement
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Subsea BARS

Deep water, combined with ever-increasing actuation requirements, presents an inherent problem for subsea control systems, storing energy in classic, pneumatic accumulators becomes less and less effective the deeper the water

The Oilgear Subsea BARS boosting and regulating system significantly increases storable energy and is BSEE and API53 compliant.

An intensifier and regulator all-in-one
The BARS™ is placed between the subsea accumulators and the pod
It boosts the pressure of the fluid that is incoming from the surface
It regulates the pressure of the fluid that is outgoing to the function
100% hydraulic design

Motion Compensation Valves

  • ARV

    Protection against recoil
    Controlled arresting of the system
  • ARV-H

    Anti-recoil hydraulic
    Protects aginst a parted riser and wire rope whipping
  • Crane

    specific to crane applications
    loss-of-load protection
  • DSC

    lsolation Valve
    Instantaneous Loss-of-Load protection
    Proportional control
  • FSV

    Flow Shut-Off Valve
    Automatic re-opening duringan unwanted vaclosure
    Synchronized closure
  • Drill String Compensation

    Due to pipe length limitations Oilgear has introduced a flow sensing module to these product lines. By using the efficient Oilgear elbow plug technology on some designs, we have managed to reduce weight on bit variation still further. Hold open feature is available for new and existing valve products. This is used when locked to bottom operations are being carried out.


    Integrated air driven hydraulic power unit
    Fill/Drain HPU
    Automated filter cleanliness recognition
    Automated system filtration
    Low pressure system operation

    Custom Engineered Solutions

    Anti-recoil valves/flow shut off valves

    Wire line tensioners
    N-line systems
    Direct acting tensioners

    Additional system protection

    Non-reclosing relief valves
    Pressure compensated air flow shut off valves
    High speed relief valves
    Braking valves
    Hard-on-Hard Technology Hydrodynamic Bearing Ease of Serviceability Durability Pumps & Valves with SMART Integrated Controllers. Network configured OBE Valve
    (On Board Electronics)
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